high-end graphics chips

Intel hires AMD’s Raja Koduri to make on high-end graphics chips

Just once you thought AMD and Intel’s relationship will warm up a little, following this week’s reveal of a new Core processor with AMD graphics, comes a bombshell announcement. Intel has hired AMD’s Radeon lead, Raja Koduri, to head up a new graphics division: the Core and Visual Computing group. especially, he is going to […]

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Pinterest new features

Pinterest new features the boards can be split into sections

Pinterest has created it simpler to keep on top of all your pins with a new board sections feature, that enables you to make multiple sections within one board. so if you are big into home inspo, you’ll have a single “living room” board with separate sections for furniture, design, and lighting, instead of lumping […]

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Money Pool

‘Money Pool’ PayPal added a new feature it easy to make pool money for gifts

These days, you’ve lots of the way to choose from when splitting bills with friends. you’ll send money through a Facebook messenger, chip in for dinner mid-Skype chat or even pay your debt as an email attachment on Gmail. PayPal has added another new feature that caters to the group of family and friends, but […]

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smart home display

This block of wood is also the foremost elegant smart home display

If loving an internet-connected block of wood is wrong, then I don’t need to be right. Mui is an interactive smart home display which will be used to control lighting, set the temperature, and show messages, all while blending into the aesthetic of the room it’s in. Mui was made by Kyoto-based company Nissha, It’s great […]

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SteamVR games

SteamVR games available for Windows Mixed Reality on Nov 15th

Microsoft is going to let Windows Mixed Reality users get access to SteamVR games next week. The software maker revealed to Rolling Stone that a preview program for SteamVR titles can launch on Nov 15th, allowing VR headset owners to check out games before Microsoft has finalized its software. Specifically, Windows Mixed Reality’s SteamVR preview […]

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machining firm

‘Model 3 struggles with production’ Tesla buys Perbix machining firm

Tesla has announced that it will be buying Perbix, a private machining firm company, which produces automotive equipment for factories. according to a report from CNBC, Perbix has been a Tesla supplier for almost 3 years, but the acquisition can allow the car manufacturer to bring the production of more elements in-house. Tesla describes the […]

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Aluminum foil

Improve your WiFi signal with Aluminum foil actually, it can

If you have ever thought of resorting to aluminum foil to redirect your home’s poor WiFi signal, it turns out you are not really that far off the mark. EurekAlert reported these days that researchers at Dartmouth College have discovered that 3D printed signal reflectors, consisting of a thin layer of metal and plastic, will […]

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AI photo effects

Skype adds new feature Snapchat-like AI photo effects to its mobile app

Snapchat may not be doing wonders for Snap but its surely a large source of inspiration for alternative social media platforms. the most recent copy-cat within the long list is Skype that has added a string of Snapchatesque photo effects to its mobile messaging apps, including face stickers, filters, captions and handy information just like […]

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next big rocket

NASA’s next big rocket maybe won’t launch until June 2020,

The Space Launch System, likely won’t launch The first flight of NASA’s next big rocket until June 2020, tho’ it’s now formally scheduled to get off the ground sometime in Dec 2019, according to the space agency. The new official date marks a 1-year delay for the monster vehicle that’s meant to require astronauts into […]

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Nest Secure

T-Mobile is selling a Nest Secure bundle with a cellular backup

In Sep, Nest launches its Secure alarm system, complete with door and motion sensors and an app that app allows you to manage the system from anywhere. but arming the alarm through your phone or receiving alerts that motion has been detected in your home needs the Nest system to be actively connected to WiFi. […]

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