Vancouver office

Amazon to add 2nd Vancouver office and 1,000 new tech jobs in B.C. by 2020

While Amazon has yet to reveal where in North America its second headquarters are, the Seattle headquartered ecommerce behemoth has got Canadians excited by announcing it’s opening a second corporate office in Vancouver — and planning to double its employees headcount within the city, adding 1,000 extra jobs by 2020.   #Amazon Vancouver, VP says […]

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display screen resolution

what is the difference between display screen resolution? WQHD, QHD, 2K, 4K and UHD

Shopping for any kind of display device – from phones to TVs – and you are going to come across some rather confusing terms and acronyms that you will need to get your head around if you wish to work out the resolution that you are dealing with.   So you’ll better tell one model […]

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Guided Tour

Apple released “A Guided Tour” for the iPhone X for teach people

Remember those introduction videos that Apple created to assist people familiarize themselves with the initial iPhone? In 2007, the company’s goal was to get users comfy with interacting with an enormous (at the time) touchscreen and showing them slide to unlock. It’s been a long time since Apple has had a need to show customers […]

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StarCraft 2

Blizzard is making a ‘StarCraft 2’ is going free-to-play

Blizzard is taking StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty’s one of  most popular games, is becoming a free-to-play game. Company chief executive officer mike Morhaime declared the news during BlizzCon 2017’s opening ceremony, that streamed live from anaheim, California today.   On Nov. 14, players are able to play the whole Wings of Liberty campaign at no […]

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Pokémon Go

Niantic acqui-hires Evertoon to add a social network to Pokémon Go

Game developer Niantic has become a widely known name since it released Pokémon go to huge popularity last summer. sadly, the game has recently seen a rather sharp decline in its active user community within the past year and a half. maybe that explains the company’s recent acquisition of a relatively unknown startup, Evertoon, that […]

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Tears of Joy

Apple says ‘Tears of Joy ‘ emoji is the most popular

The most popular emoji is the “Face with Tears of Joy.” The tragicomic figure is stuck between sobbing and riant, & is equally excellent for expressing the soaring highs of life and also the depressing lows.   It’s the foremost popular emoji among English-speaking iOS and mac users in the u.s., according to Apple, that […]

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