Blue Origin

Blue Origin tests with the ‘Crew Capsule 2.0’ with huge windows in space

#NewShepard had a successful first flight of Crew Capsule 2.0 today. Complete with windows and our instrumented test dummy. He had a great ride. @BlueOrigin — Jeff Bezos (@JeffBezos) December 13, 2017 Jeff Bezos’ rocket company is not quite ready for space tourism, but today’s test flight gets it a bit closer. Bezos tweeted […]

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Gravity signals could help rapidly detect earthquakes and save lives

According to a new study published in the journal Science, tracking minor changes in gravity when earthquake hits could buy us precious life-saving minutes. Revisiting data from the huge 2011 Japan earthquake, the researchers indicate that shifts in gravity could’ve told people the scale of the quake 3 minutes after it began. The findings come […]

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Dream Chaser

Sierra Nevada’s Dream Chaser completes glide test flight

If the Sierra Nevada goes to meet supply missions for the International space station and the United Nations, to prove that its Dream Chaser spacecraft is ready to fly… and it simply took an enormous step in this direction. the company has said a glide test flight completed the Dream Chaser on Nov 11th, Launched […]

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reversible material

This reversible material can make you cool or warm

Maintaining the proper temperature is also some of a struggle now that scientists have created a reversible material which will either cool you down or help you get warm. There’s lots of potential in clothing that regulates heat. Not only is it convenient, but it’s good for the environment. If you’ll heat up your own […]

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Astronomers Discover

Astronomers Discover This star refuses to die, even after it explodes

Supernovae are some the brightest and most powerful events in our galaxy. These occur once stars that have a lot of greater mass than that of our sun explode; they become incredibly bright, and so slowly fade over the course of some months as they lose energy. under the terms of how we traditionally understand […]

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next big rocket

NASA’s next big rocket maybe won’t launch until June 2020,

The Space Launch System, likely won’t launch The first flight of NASA’s next big rocket until June 2020, tho’ it’s now formally scheduled to get off the ground sometime in Dec 2019, according to the space agency. The new official date marks a 1-year delay for the monster vehicle that’s meant to require astronauts into […]

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stem cells

Stanford researchers develop a 3D gel stacks for growing large quantities of neural stem cells

Programmed stem cells promise to tackle every kind of illnesses, but there is one catch: creating them. It’s hard to cultivate giant numbers of them, and also the need to grow them on 2D surfaces is not very practical. that is where researchers might come to the rescue: they’ve developed a technique of growing neural […]

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Next Mars 2020 rover will observe the red planet with 23 eyes

The Mars 2020 rover are able to show us more of the Red Planet than any of its predecessors ever did. NASA says the extraterrestrial vehicle are equipped with twenty three cameras, six over Curiosity’s and all lots more capable. Seven of those “eyes” are tasked with collecting data for scientific experiments, 9 are engineering […]

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