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SteamVR games available for Windows Mixed Reality on Nov 15th


Microsoft is going to let Windows Mixed Reality users get access to SteamVR games next week. The software maker revealed to Rolling Stone that a preview program for SteamVR titles can launch on Nov 15th, allowing VR headset owners to check out games before Microsoft has finalized its software.

Specifically, Windows Mixed Reality’s SteamVR preview program, that is currently open to developers and will open up anyone, Microsoft’s VR headsets with lots more titles. Currently available, Windows Mixed Reality headset owners will only access around 60 apps and games from the Windows Store. many of the highest VR games are available through SteamVR.

Microsoft does not know exactly once this SteamVR support is available for a non-beta feature, but the corporate is opening up the preview to detect and fix errors before it’s rolled out broadly.


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