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Elon Musk releases more details 150 MPH rides in Boring Company tunnels for $1

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During an informational session with Q&A today, Elon Musk released more details about the Boring Company’s plan for its network of tunnels under Los Angeles.

He envisions a “personalized mass transit” system that costs only $1 fare.

Most of the presentation reiterated things that the Boring Company already made public since announcing the plans for a network of tunnels under LA over a year ago, but they also revealed some new details.

Musk emphasized some differences between their plan and current mass transit systems, like subways.

The main difference is that they are planning to have many more stations to get in and out of the transit system, but those stations will be much smaller than a subway station in most cases. Read more

The big problem is digging those tunnels to start with, and while part of the session included video of a speedy test run through the tunnel Musk has already dug on SpaceX property, the plan is to pick up the pace. Davis said Musk has challenged his team to match the digging pace of a snail (0.03 MPH), and get up to 1/10th of the average walking speed of a human at about 0.3 MPH — compared to its current top speed of about 0.003 MPH. Read more



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