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NASA’s next big rocket maybe won’t launch until June 2020,


The Space Launch System, likely won’t launch The first flight of NASA’s next big rocket until June 2020, tho’ it’s now formally scheduled to get off the ground sometime in Dec 2019, according to the space agency. The new official date marks a 1-year delay for the monster vehicle that’s meant to require astronauts into deep space.

These new dates are the results of a “comprehensive review” by NASA looking into the rocket’s schedule. Ultimately, the review found that a launch in June 2020 would be more reasonable, based on risks that may arise during producing and production schedules. but NASA’s working toward a 2019 Dec date, since the agency none of the risks identified have arisen yet, according to NASA acting administrator Robert Lightfoot.

NASA created it clear earlier this year that the SLS’s 1st flight, an uncrewed mission referred to as EM-1, would be pushed back. In April, the space agency finally admitted that its then-target date for the launch, Nov 2018, just wasn’t going to work. The admission came once a government audit found that technical challenges and a limited budget would build a Nov 2018 date nearly not possible.

The SLS’s 1st flight is delayed some years Although a test for the Orion capsule meant to ride on the rocket has been accelerated. The Orion capsule is meant to carry crew — and before the Orion really holds any folks, NASA needs to conduct a test of the vehicle’s emergency system to protect crew if the rocket malfunctions during launch. this system, called the launch abort system, consists of a little rocket that can carry Orion away from the SLS. Originally, the test of the abort system was going to happen after EM-1, but NASA is moving it up to Apr 2019.

This isn’t the 1st review NASA has done this year regarding the debut of the SLS. Earlier this year, the Trump administration asked NASA to figure out whether astronauts could fly on the 1st mission of the SLS. For the previous few years, the strategy has been to roll out the giant rocket by doing an uncrewed mission 1st, followed by a crewed one some years later. NASA did a study to see if a crewed mission might be done safely by 2019, without the need for a crewed mission, but the report ultimately found it’d be such a short time NASA is very difficult to pull.

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