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Intel hires AMD’s Raja Koduri to make on high-end graphics chips


Just once you thought AMD and Intel’s relationship will warm up a little, following this week’s reveal of a new Core processor with AMD graphics, comes a bombshell announcement. Intel has hired AMD’s Radeon lead, Raja Koduri, to head up a new graphics division: the Core and Visual Computing group. especially, he is going to be focused on delivering “high-end, discrete graphics,” something Intel has ne’er tried to tackle before. That’ll put the corporate in direct competition with AMD and NVIDIA when it comes to dedicated GPUs. Basically, do not expect Intel’s partnership with AMD to last terribly long.

According to Intel, Koduri will facilitate to bring together and evolve the company’s overall graphics capabilities. it isn’t just something which will build games run faster — the corporate says it’ll also facilitate with things like media, imaging and machine intelligence. sadly, Intel is not locution a lot of else concerning its graphics plans yet, however there is definitely plenty of room for it to improve. AMD’s recently announced Ryzen laptop CPUs promise decent gaming performance, due to their integrated Radeon Vega graphics. that is something Intel cannot compete directly with these days, it still has to rely on extra graphical power from NVIDIA and AMD.

Koduri re-joined AMD in 2013, where he spearheaded the development of the company’s new Polaris GPUs. That line kicked with the Radeon RX 480, a $200 card that was fast enough to power VR headsets. It arrived even as NVIDIA was delivering its ultra-powerful GTX 10-series cards, but the RX 480 was notable for being cheaper than anything NVIDIA was giving at the time. Intel says Koduri can officially start his new role in Dec.


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