anywhere HQ

Republic Wireless is build its own smart speakerphone

Republic Wireless, a popular MVNO that runs off of Sprint and T-Mobile, offers, among other things, some pretty comprehensive Wi-Fi calling options that caught the eye of Walt Mossberg last year. So currently the corporate is doing something a little differently for its 1st hardware product, a smart speakerphone called anywhere HQ. according to Republic’s […]

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Wearable Devices

Samsung and Garmin® Wearable Devices can earn you health care savings

Of course, health and fitness wearable devices are not anything new, but insurance firms are not very known for their quick response to tech trends. that will be changing, though, as huge firms like Aetna and John Hancock have started offering steep discounts on devices just like the Apple Watch, as long as customers use […]

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Tesla Semi Truck

Walmart Try Out Tesla Semi Truck for Transporting Merchandise

The Tesla Semi already has one very giant guinea pig for an electric fleet: Walmart. The retail juggernaut has some 6,000 trucks and moves merchandise all over the country and as of last may, it had been the world’s largest retailer. the company looking EVs for logistics Sends a clear message about the reliability of […]

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Play the new ‘Overwatch’ hero during the game’s free novemver 17-20

The studio behind Overwatch declared a new playable character (at Blizzcon earlier this month) for the hero shooter: Moira, a healer with evasive and damage-dealing abilities. Last night, she became available to play on computer and consoles and you do not know it, Blizzard is creating the game free to try out this weekend, starting […]

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