iPhone battery

iFixit reduce the cost on its iPhone battery replacement kits

Apple may have apologized for the confusion surrounding its intentional slow down of older iPhones to balance battery life and performance. But this does not change the fact that it is happening. If your iPhone warranty period is completed and you do not want to have Apple replace it. Then maybe iFixit can help. Starting […]

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electric truck

Tesla semi electric truck price is $150,000 to $200,000

When Tesla introduced his semi-electric truck last week, everybody in agreement that it looked cool, but some actual truckers did not necessarily be in their operation. Most observers are impressed with the pricing if it holds, though. Tesla has listed the semi-electric truck estimated cost on its Semi website for the 300- and 500-mile versions […]

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Wearable Devices

Samsung and Garmin® Wearable Devices can earn you health care savings

Of course, health and fitness wearable devices are not anything new, but insurance firms are not very known for their quick response to tech trends. that will be changing, though, as huge firms like Aetna and John Hancock have started offering steep discounts on devices just like the Apple Watch, as long as customers use […]

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MegaBots wants to crowdfund for World’s First Giant Robot Tournament 2018

A team of fans makes the robot concept Eagle Prime Two years before (in 2015), and what did you do to with a 15 feet tall metal beast: Challenge its Japanese equivalent, Kuratas, to a duel. Years later, the creations finally duked it out in an incredible brawl that appeared that there was absolutely nothing. […]

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Doom VFR

Sony’s New Reveals PlayStation VR Bundle With ‘Doom VFR’

Sony is clearly determined to get PlayStation VR on to your head no matter what game genre you like to play. in addition to its recently declared Skyrim bundle, it’s launching a Doom VFR bundle that has id Software’s hellish virtual reality shooter alongside the headset, PlayStation Camera, Move controllers and also the latest PSVR […]

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jobs search

Google’s jobs search engine now shows salaries adds location filter and more

Google Search’s built-in jobs search engine, that launched earlier this year, is getting an update these days. For the foremost part, these new features address some basic shortcomings of the 1st version. This means that in this new version, you can now finally filter jobs by however far away they’re from you, not just by […]

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PlayStation Plus Free multiplayer event in Europe for 5 days

A PlayStation Plus subscription is essential if you would like to play PS4 games on-line, but however, do you convince your friends that it’s worth the outlay? Sony has an easy idea: let people attempt it for free. It’s running a Europe-only event which will make PS4 multiplayer free between Nov 15th and Nov 20th. […]

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Roku-enabled Philips-branded TVs arrive in the US later this year

With less expensive interlopers in the U.S. Television market like Vizio and TCL, it is easy to skip about Philips, that is the maker for the U.S market by Japan’s Funai. That company has authorized Roku TV streaming tech and can incorporate them into Philips-branded models later this year, it announced. If you had clearly […]

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