Apple’s HomePod smart speaker delayed until early next year

Apple has delayed the HomePod Siri-powered speaker release from Dec to early 2018. in a statement, the company said it required a “little more time” before the device was ready for its initial release in Australia, the united kingdom and also the US. it is not yet clear how this will affect releases in other countries […]

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Electric Vehicles

Toyota plans to Re-Enter Electric Vehicles in China from 2020

Toyota recently declared plans to design and build EVs with Mazda in the U.S., but it’s huge plans elsewhere, too. The auto manufacturer can produce electric cars in both China and India starting in 2020, it said in a pair of press releases. Up hitherto, Toyota has centered on the element and hybrid vehicles as […]

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Tesla unveils the new Roadster is the Quickest car in the world due in 2020

At Tesla’s Semi event, the car manufacturer dropped its new Roadster. it will have a 620-mile range via a 200kWh battery pack.”You’ll be able to travel from LA to San Francisco and back without recharging,” CEO Elon Musk said. The new Tesla Roadster can do zero to 60 in 1.9 seconds, and it will blast […]

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Virgin Hyperloop One is eyeing India for building networks in India

Virgin Hyperloop One is eyeing the chance of creating networks of high-speed tube transportation in India. the company, that recently rebranded to include “Virgin” in its name after Richard Branson’s investment, has started conducting studies with 3 Indian states to determine potential routes. Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra are looking to provide hyperloops as a […]

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Facebook Creator

Facebook has released a Facebook Creator App for video creators

In its latest attempt to woo video creators away from YouTube, Facebook has released an app only for them. It’s referred to as Facebook Creator, and it includes a bunch of tools for streaming video, updating Stories, and message people across several of Facebook’s platforms. Facebook has long had an app for people that manage […]

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360-degree lens

This 3rd party 360-degree lens attaches to your iPhone camera

There’s a new 360-degree lens you’ll attach to your iPhone to record photos and videos. The Fishball lens clips on with what the company calls a secure locking mechanism and its system of fisheye lenses and mirrors let you shoot 360 degrees using the Fishball mobile app. There’s already a lens attachment referred to as […]

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Tesla supercharger station

Tesla unveils its biggest Supercharger station in the US

About halfway between Los Angeles and also the Bay area, right off interstate five, is that the little town of Kettleman city. It’s home to a cheese factory, a hazardous waste facility, and as of today, the biggest Tesla supercharger station in the country. it’s solar rooftops and a lounger for vehicle owners to hang […]

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3D Printer

An Engineer’s Dream: GE’s unveils huge 3D Printer makes aircraft parts

GE has unveiled its earlier-announced 3D metal printer, which is suitable for producing aircraft components. At the manufacturing trade show form next in Germany, the GE Additive team revealed the as-yet-unnamed machine, demonstrating its ability to print parts as large as one meter in diameter directly from a computer file. using additive production technology, the […]

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