iPhones next year

Apple to Launch 2 new Full-Screen LCD Model iPhone Next Year

Now that the iPhone X has been out for a week, it’s time to get started on rumors for next year’s iPhones. KGI securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, whose iPhone predictions are fairly reliable over the last several years, says that he expects to ascertain 2 new full-screen iPhones next year: one can have a 6.5-inch […]

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The Pixel 2 XL’s new issue touchscreen unresponsive on the edge of the device

If you are the user of one of Google’s pixel 2 XL devices, there is one more bad news: some users are reporting that the touchscreen isn’t responding to touches on the edge of the device, as reported by Phandroid. Users reported the problem on the pixel User Community, and one user posted a video […]

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Roku-enabled Philips-branded TVs arrive in the US later this year

With less expensive interlopers in the U.S. Television market like Vizio and TCL, it is easy to skip about Philips, that is the maker for the U.S market by Japan’s Funai. That company has authorized Roku TV streaming tech and can incorporate them into Philips-branded models later this year, it announced. If you had clearly […]

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Galaxy A5

Galaxy A5 (2018) SM-A530N Seemingly Confirmed On Samsung’s Website

We have been hearing that Samsung is working on a fresh model of its mid-ranger, the Samsung Galaxy A5. we suppose it’s not a stretch to think that Samsung might have a new model in the works, though thus far the reports are largely rumors. but it’s like Samsung themselves might have confirmed the phone. […]

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future trains

Deutsche Bahn future trains have digital cars with game consoles

This week Deutsche Bahn (DB) launched its new “Idea Train” plans. That ultra-future train can compete with self-driving cars and build commuting way more reposeful. On Tue, Deutsche Bahn introduced the 1st appearance of the “Ideenzug” or “Idea Train” in Nuremberg, with the company claiming it could revolutionize your morning commute. The train, as well […]

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Initial orders of Pixel Buds are now being shipped by Google

It might desire Google is following Apple’s script right now: remove the headphone jack from your flagship phone, ship the phone with a depressingly bad dongle adapter, and announce a new pair of revolutionary Bluetooth headphones to divert the you-caused frustrations of your customers into extra retail transactions. however, Google took things to a full […]

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Dream Chaser

Sierra Nevada’s Dream Chaser completes glide test flight

If the Sierra Nevada goes to meet supply missions for the International space station and the United Nations, to prove that its Dream Chaser spacecraft is ready to fly… and it simply took an enormous step in this direction. the company has said a glide test flight completed the Dream Chaser on Nov 11th, Launched […]

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