GE speed up medical image processing with help from Nvidia and Intel

Deep learning technology is getting itself at home in hospitals by helping radiologists examine medical scans for just a buck per image. Now, GE healthcare is bringing that AI tech directly to the scanners, because of partnerships with NVIDIA and Intel. GE Healthcare said It’ll update more than 500,000 of its medical devices throughout the […]

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Microsoft Office is currently available for all Chromebooks

Its pleasant time it took, but Microsoft’s Office for Android is currently available at all Play Store-compatible Chromebooks, according to Chrome Unboxed. The software’s convoluted journey en route to Google’s laptops is well documented. As a recap, when Android app support came to Chrome Operating System over a year ago, Microsoft’s Office Suite apps (naturally) […]

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Scientists are using Drones and smartphones to fight malaria in Tanzania

The fight against malaria has been improving, but there is still lots more work to do. For one thing, anti-larval sprays are both expensive and time-consuming — you cannot always afford to spray a whole area. Thankfully, a mix of technology is creating that mosquito battle more practical. Wales’ Aberystwyth University and Tanzania’s Zanzibar malaria […]

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