Resume Assistant

Microsoft integrates LinkedIn with Word to assist you write a better resume

Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for $26 billion last year, promising to closely link the service with its office suite of applications. whereas we’ve seen a brand new Windows 10 app for LinkedIn, Microsoft is unveiling an even a lot of helpful addition to its service: Resume Assistant. office 365 subscribers can currently get direct LinkedIn integration […]

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ad subscription tool

Twitter launches ad subscription tool (Promote Mode) to promote tweets at monthly $99

Twitter is making it easier for small businesses and power users to provide their tweets a boost. The social network has officially launched its 1st ad subscription tool referred to as “Promote Mode” as a public beta. Twitter started testing the always-on mode as an invite-only feature in July, giving users access to a feature […]

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quantum computing

Volkswagen and Google get in to quantum computing benefits to cars

Computers have modified cars at least as much as they have modified our daily lives, but a new partnership between Google and Volkswagen could transform transportation further still: the 2 are collaborating on a way to apply quantum computing to resolution some fundamental car-related issues, together with optimizing traffic flow, creating machine learning more intelligent, […]

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EPA approves ‘killer’ mosquitoes to fight disease

Biotechnology start-up MosquitoMate that releasing a plethora of mosquitoes across U.S., not to start a bug-pocalypse, but to prevent it. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has simply approved the use of the startup’s mosquitoes as biopesticide against their Zika-, dengue- and different disease-carrying counterparts in twenty states and Washington DC. You see, MosquitoMate’s insects carry […]

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Files Go app

Google tests ‘Files Go’ app its kind of like AirDrop file transfer app

Google focus on the next billion users, Google frequently makes apps that are optimized for developing markets around the world. Recent examples include its Tez payment service and a lite version of Google Search. the most recent appear’s to be a “smart storage manager.” The new “Files Go” app is listed in the Play Store […]

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Instagram new Stories

Instagram new Stories feature now share all of the flashbacks

While Snapchat struggles to nab more users, Instagram is steaming ahead of the only method it knows how: By copying Snapchat. The Facebook-owned service is adding a feature to its (vastly more popular) take on Stories that is all regarding throwbacks. The update basically allows you to add pics and videos to your Story that […]

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Warby Parker’s app

Warby Parker’s app is recommends glasses using your iPhone X’s face mapping

The Apple iPhone X has only been released a few days ago, but we’re already seeing folks take advantage of the face mapping technology on the phone in numerous ways. Some, like Animoji karaoke, are more entertaining than helpful, but others — like Warby Parker’s new app — are a bit more helpful (as noticed […]

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paying top creators

Snap said it’s planing to start paying top creators

Snap said it’s planning to pay for top creators, like how YouTube paying money for people to make videos in exchange for ad revenue. In prepared quarterly remarks, chief executive officer Evan spiegel said the corporate had “neglected the creator community on Snapchat that makes and distributes public Stories for the broader Snapchat audience.” Over […]

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280-character tweets

Tweeting Made Easier with a Twitter’s 280-character limit

Twitter’s experiment with doubling the maximum tweet length was apparently successful. The social network is increasing support for 280-character tweets to each language “where cramming was an issue” — that’s, the majority of them. you are still used at 140 if you write in Korean, Chinese or Japanese (Japanese, Korean, and Chinese will continue to […]

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Instagram testing favorites posts

Instagram testing a view favorites posts on the web browsers

Instagram introduced its bookmarking feature for nearly a year, but unfortunately if you can’t see those favorites on your PC? Now Instagram has started testing the ability to view your favorites posts on the web browsers. you can view those saved posts on their internet browsers with a bit of luck. this can be separate […]

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