Latest MS Word attacks infect PCs sans macros how to spot and block attacks.

Fancy Bear, the advanced hacking team researchers say is tied to the Russian govt, is actively exploiting a recently revived method that provides attackers a stealthy means of infecting computers using Ms office documents, security researchers said in the week. Fancy Bear is one of the 2 Russian-sponsored hacking outfits researchers say breached Democratic National […]

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google street view

Google Street View new algorithm correcting misalignment’s in existing panoramas

Back in Sep, Google Street view vehicles received their 1st major upgrade in eight years that should result in high-resolution images. Today, Google analysis detailed a new algorithm that should address a standard flaw with current Street view panoramas. Looking at Street view, it’s not too difficult to identify a misalignment in the 360-degree panorama […]

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Nintendo Switch productiom ramp up

Nintendo Switch plans to ramp up production in 2018

The Switch, Nintendo’s latest hybrid console is doing pretty much for the company, that expects it to outdo the Wii U’s lifetime sales within a year. the company obviously thinks so, too, according to a new report at The Wall Street Journal, that says that Nintendo plans to ramp up production of the hardware itself, […]

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Iron Man suit

Jet engine power Iron Man suit Inventor creates Guinness World Record

You know that guy who makes a homemade Iron Man suit? Well, with the help of his arm-strapped, gas-powered turbine engines, he simply earned himself a Guinness world record title. because the Mirror reports, Richard Browning and Daedalus (the name of his suit) reached flying speeds of 32.02 mph and Guinness awarded the effort with […]

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reversible material

This reversible material can make you cool or warm

Maintaining the proper temperature is also some of a struggle now that scientists have created a reversible material which will either cool you down or help you get warm. There’s lots of potential in clothing that regulates heat. Not only is it convenient, but it’s good for the environment. If you’ll heat up your own […]

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Daimler's electric school bus

Daimlers’s electric school bus coming to the US in 2019

You’d be hard-pressed to find a vehicle sort these days that isn’t in the process of being electrified by some major manufacturer. Sedans, SUVs, scooters, tractors, helicopters, airplanes… if it’s wheels or rotors or wings, somebody out there are attempting to replace the gas tank with the electric battery. Even some of our iconic vehicles […]

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battery drainage

Upcoming Android update will highlight battery draining apps

Battery life is always very low in our smartphone-centric world, and you often find reasons yourself confused why your battery one day drain very fast and then lasts for a second day. android has been trying to fix that for many and many versions, and the latest Android 8.1 Developer Preview adds one more weapon […]

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