stem cells

Stanford researchers develop a 3D gel stacks for growing large quantities of neural stem cells

Programmed stem cells promise to tackle every kind of illnesses, but there is one catch: creating them. It’s hard to cultivate giant numbers of them, and also the need to grow them on 2D surfaces is not very practical. that is where researchers might come to the rescue: they’ve developed a technique of growing neural […]

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iPhone Face ID fail

This video shows Face ID fail to properly unlock his brother’s Apple

Apple touts that Face ID is even safer than touch ID was, with there being a one in 1,000,000 chance of a different person having the ability to unlock somebody else’s iPhone X with Face ID. a new video posted to Reddit, however, shows Face ID failing to properly differentiate between siblings…   IPhoneX Face […]

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Gallery Guardian

Gallery Guardian smartphone app is like an AI chastity belt for teens

This new app helps you to monitor the content your kid creates and receives on their mobile. It’s the way for parents to watchdog without bothering their children.   Gallery Guardian (GG) is an app created by YIPO Technologies that is revolutionizing keeping an eye on your kid.   The application uses image recognition to […]

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red envelope

Facebook may test a ‘red envelope’ payments feature soon

Facebook, that is constantly testing new products and features, seems to be gearing up for some new experiments. These include a “red envelope” feature that may let users send money to others on the service and a “breaking news” tag that publishers will attach to their posts.   The 2 new features, that are not […]

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Windows 10 upgrades

Microsoft Windows 10 last free upgrades ends on December 31st

As a part of its goal to get Windows 10 onto people’s computers, Microsoft offered free upgrades to the new version of its OS for years. To be specific, it was the company’s goal to hit the billion-device milestone during a few years once the launch of the new OS. Giving free upgrades was Microsoft’s […]

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