Band 3

Leaked Microsoft Band 3 prototype : The best wearable Microsoft never released

While Microsoft killed its Band wearables, a leak emerged of what was believed to be the canceled 3rd-gen model. Well, that’s true — and it tells a much about what Microsoft was thinking before it pulled the plug. Windows Central has received a Band 3 prototype and given it a shakedown to see how well […]

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RED Hydrogen One

Red Hydrogen One phone will ship this summer and other info revealed

There’s great news today for those of you who pre-ordered the Hydrogen One phone from Red. But 1st, we will try to recap as quickly as possible for those who missed the initial wave of info on this phone. Red is a professional-grade digital cinematography and photography camera-making company, who held pre-orders this past summer […]

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Hangouts Meet

Google’s Hangouts Meet App video call now support to tablets

Hangouts Meet app  officially supported tablets The company has announced that its enterprise-focused Hangouts Meet app is now officially supported on Android tablets and iPads. The news comes almost a year after the internet giant revealed it’s splitting the Hangouts platform into 2 core services. Hangouts Chat is all about bringing instant messaging to teams, […]

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Apple iOS 11.2.5 will support HomePod mics can be muted

New icons found in the newest iOS 11.2.5 developer build suggest you can disable the always-listening microphones in Apple’s HomePod speaker. Apple is not explicitly listed that as a feature of its delayed HomePod smart speaker. Even if it is the standard fare on speakers offered by category leaders Amazon and Google (and even Sonos). […]

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Skyline Android app will change your wallpaper to a live map of your location

There is a new Android app called Skyline which will turn your current location into your wallpaper. As 1st spotted by Lifehacker. Skyline uses 3D terrain data from Mapbox to show either your current location or specific coordinates to design wallpapers in full detail. The app can change the wallpaper when you unlock your phone […]

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