Russian propaganda

Facebook will alert you if you fell for Russian propaganda

Facebook plans to offer a portal anywhere users will notice if they involved with pages linked to Russian propaganda efforts. The portal, that Facebook says will be released by the end of the year, can show users whether they liked or followed specific Facebook or Instagram accounts backed by the Kremlin-linked internet research Agency. it’ll […]

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Now Lyft gets Permission test their self-driving cars on California roads

Lyft is the newest company to be added to the ever-growing list of those allowed to test their self-driving technology on public roads in California state. The California Department of motor vehicles added Lyft to the list recently, following Lyft’s foundation of a self-driving technology development center earlier this year, and its announcement that it’d […]

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intel processors

Latest Intel Core processors become serious security flaws

Intel has confirmed previous reports that its recent computer, internet of things and server chips are vulnerable to remote hacking. the problem is with the onboard “Management Engine,” that has multiple holes that might let remote attackers run malicious software, get privileged access and take over computers. The vulnerability affects 6th, 7th and 8th generation […]

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Locations data

Google tracked Android users’ locations data even when location services are disabled

Android phones collect your location info and send it to Google, even if you have turned off GPS and do not have a SIM card, Quartz reported The term “location services” oftentimes refers to actual GPS data for app usage, like Google Maps finding your best commute route, or Uber figuring out specifically where you’re […]

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Europe’s Seedcamp announces $54 million funds to invest in 100 startups

Seedcamp, an investment fund aimed at early-stage European startups, has announced the first close of its fourth seed fund at £41 million ($54 million). Founded in 2007 by around thirty European investors, Seed camp has often been compared to Y Combinator in the U.S. and has invested in more than 250 startups that have gone […]

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medical conversations

Google voice recognition for medical conversations

Alphabet, through Verily Life Sciences, is invested in the use of healthcare through applying technology and data science. Google’s in-house Brain team is as well, with the machine learning division running a pilot study that applies existing voice recognition technology to transcribe medical conversations. Google notes that most of the Modern Doctor’s day is spent […]

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ProtonMail Added a ‘Zero-Access’ Encrypted Contacts Manager

A secure email service, ProtonMail, is launching a new feature encrypted contacts manager for its users. The manager provides “zero access” to contacts, ProtonMail says, that means the company cannot view what users have saved. It has a digital signature, which should prevent anyone from compromising or tampering with contact details. ProtonMail says attackers might […]

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Casio to Release G’z EYE Tough Camera looks like a G-Shock with a lens

Casio has announced a rugged action camera that has been heavily influenced by its iconic G-Shock brand. though the G’z Eye GZE-1 takes its name from Casio’s line of sturdy smartphones, its style comes straight from the company’s tough watches. The GZE-1 is not the most intelligent action camera in the world — it shoots […]

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Live Video

Instagram new feature you can Request to Join a Friend’s Live Video

Just a few weeks ago, Instagram photo-sharing network created it easy to invite a friend to view your live broadcasts. sadly, the invitation was just one way. Instagram has fixed that, however, with a new option: you’ll currently request to join your friend’s live video. While you are looking at your buddy’s live video, you’ll […]

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