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Twitter is testing a save for later, bookmarks feature

Twitter is testing a new feature called Bookmarks, that allows users to privately save tweets for later. staff product designer Tina Koyama tweeted a sneak peek into what the feature sounds like, with a bookmarks choice listed on the users’ navigation menu. “We went through all the designed flows and picked the ones that are […]

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Alexa Echo Button

Amazon’s Echo Buttons are available to pre-order for holiday trivia games

The holidays are nearly here, and that means you will end up playing lots of party games with visiting friends and relatives. Amazon might spare you from having to break out yet another board game, though: it just put its Echo Button accessory up for pre-order. Pay 20 dollar and you will get the super-simple […]

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streak feature

Facebook Messenger is testing out Snapchat’s streak feature

Facebook likes to steal Snapchat features to block the popular messaging app’s momentum. ephemeral stories and messaging have arrived in Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp previously, and the company has even upraised Snapchat’s popular face filters and camera features. FB is now set its sights on the streak feature of Snapchat, an addictive game that encourages […]

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BMW Vision E3

“BMW Vision E³ Way” AI-managed electric bike Elevated road concept

Cities could change now that electric bikes are becoming more popular. In some cities, the most common electric vehicles are 2-wheelers such as bikes and motorcycles. but cities are not really designed for them — you have to compete with cars on the road and at charging stations. BMW and Tongji University think they’ll do […]

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Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo Sport upcoming update Add Offline Play, more cars & more

Polyphony Digital is finally going to reach the PS4 with Gran Turismo Sport, its game modes were a little of a shock for long-time fans. What regarding those old-fashioned cups? you are near to get them back. The developers are releasing an update in Dec which will introduce GT League, a single-player mode that resurrects […]

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