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T-Mobile is selling a Nest Secure bundle with a cellular backup


In Sep, Nest launches its Secure alarm system, complete with door and motion sensors and an app that app allows you to manage the system from anywhere. but arming the alarm through your phone or receiving alerts that motion has been detected in your home needs the Nest system to be actively connected to WiFi. If your net service goes down or your home network stops working, however, you will not get those alerts or be ready to access your system through Nest’s app. that is why Nest has worked cellular backup into the Secure system and T-Mobile declared these days that it is the exclusive cellular supplier for Nest Secure.

Through T-Mobile, you will be able to get the complete Nest Secure pack, together with the Nest Guard base, 2 Nest detect door/window sensors and 2 Nest Tag key fobs that let you arm or disable the alarm system without having to mess with a passcode. It also comes with a Nest Cam Indoor security camera with intelligent alerts provided through Nest Aware. And, of course, it comes with a cellular backup which will kick in whenever your WiFi becomes inaccessible.

The T-Mobile Nest plan prices $240 down and $10 per month (for 24 months) once a $5 monthly credit is applied. That credit is only available for a limited time, according to T-Mobile, and it’s unclear how long the deal will last. If you cancel your wireless service plan before the twenty-four months are up, though, you will have to pay the remaining balance. If you wish to buy the setup without T-Mobile’s service, you’ll catch on for $698, that is what it would price through Nest.

The Nest security pack are available in T-Mobile stores starting Nov 10th.

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