YouTube Music

YouTube Music, a new music streaming service, is coming soon

YouTube execs have finally announced the long-awaited revamp for YouTube Music that they say will eventually replace Google Play Music. In interviews with Recode, CNET and USA Today, they revealed the new YouTube Music will soft-launch next Tuesday with a $10 subscription packages (you can sign up now for updates right here). Similar to its […]

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Blade Runner

Denis Villeneuve’s ‘Blade Runner 2049’ VFX reel released

The Blade Runner 2049 does not have the question of revolves around computer-generated effects. Whether it is a retro-futuristic tech or its holographic AI personas. However, the CG is more pervasive than you might think. Denis Villeneuve’s bleak sci-fi movie visual effects reel were released Rodeo FX. And it is obvious that even the apparently […]

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remove commercials

Now Plex DVR can automatically remove commercials

Over the years, Plex has grown from a relatively simple home media server into an all-in-one entertainment powerhouse. Notable feature additions include streaming personalized news, the ability to operate entirely in the cloud rather than on your server, and a full-fledged DVR. currently, that DVR has gotten even more powerful, adding a new feature to […]

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free Hulu

Sprint bundles free Hulu with its freedom plan starting Nov 17th

Sprint just announced that it’ll be partnering with Hulu to offer free access to Hulu’s limited Commercials plans for customers on Sprint’s Unlimited Freedom plan beginning on Nov 17th. This Sprint / Hulu partnership clearly seems like an attempt to counter similar promotions from T-Mobile, that currently bundles free Netflix with its unlimited plans, and […]

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Thor 4D

Thor 4D version: Ragnarok might be better than the real thing

What is the future of film? A skit from The Late Show with James Corden imagine a bold new world in that moviegoers will watch Thor: Ragnarok as a cutting-edge kind of cinema: “4D,” that Corden describes as “action literally leaping off the screen. What which means in practice could be a cheap stage play, […]

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The Gymkhana Files

Amazon’s next show follows Ken Block’s ‘The Gymkhana Files’ Unscripted Motorsport Series

Amazon has given the green light to The gymkhana Files, an 8-episode unscripted series featuring motorsports star and entrepreneur Ken Block, produced by Hoonigan Media Machine. The series looks at the making of gymkhana 10, the recently-announced tenth installment of his award-winning, record-breaking gymkhana Film series.   The gymkhana Files are an exclusive look behind […]

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voice-controlled TiVo

Rumored voice-controlled TiVo’s DVR pops up at Amazon, Best Buy

We’ve been looking forward to a voice-controlled TiVo for a few months due to a leak about a new peanut-style Bluetooth remote and trademark for brand new product with the “Vox” name appended. currently it seems that both the TiVo Bolt vox and TIVo mini vox can shortly be available for purchase. Originally posted on […]

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Discovery for a second season

Star Trek: Discovery for a second season -CBS has renewed

The USS Discovery will continue to explore the galaxy. CBS declared this morning that it’s renewed the newest iteration of the Star Trek franchise for a second season.   CBS noted that the show has been successful at bringing in new subscribers to its streaming service All Access, and has earned acclaim from fans and […]

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Walking Dead VR scene

‘The Walking Dead’ VR scene puts you in the shoes of a walker

Would you submerge yourself during a fear-inducing virtual setting overrun by zombies? that is the world The Walking Dead has expertly crafted during its seven-year run, and currently AMC is inviting you to step into it, courtesy of its VR app. you’ll grab it for iOS, Android, Samsung Gear VR, and Google Daydream immediately, but […]

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