Call of Duty

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’ ditches campaign for battle royale

The fourth installment of Call of Duty’s Black Ops franchise has abandoned single-player in favor of a multiplayer-only focus…including a battle royale mode. Yes, the series is cashing in on the last-player-standing mode made popular by Fortnite and PUBG, but it’s also got more Zombies experiences and traditional multiplayer content. And like Destiny 2 before […]

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Logitech G Gaming Mouse

Logitech G Unleashes Next-Generation Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech’s extremely-low-latency Lightspeed technology was largely reserved for well-heeled gamers when it first hit the scene last June, but it’s a much different story a year later. The peripheral maker has unveiled the G305, a Lightspeed-equipped mouse that costs $60 — much more justifiable than the pricier G703 and G603. You won’t get a particularly […]

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SteamVR Input supports a lot of different controllers and adapt to any VR game

SteamVR supports a lot of different controllers, and it can be difficult for developers to keep up with all of them. Today we are excited to release the first Beta for the new SteamVR Input system. SteamVR Input allows users to build binding configurations for their favorite games, even for controllers that didn’t exist when […]

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The Witcher 3

Almost 3 years later ‘The Witcher 3’ upgraded for xbox one is out

The Witcher 3: Wild hunting performance on the Xbox hardware has never been what I’d call “excellent”. So, when Microsoft announced that CD Projekt RED’s massive single-player RPG was one of the games getting an “enhancement” patch for the One X I got much excited. Lastly, The Witcher 3 would be playable on the computer […]

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Finally you’ll be able to change your Playstation network name in next year

Many a gamer has had regrets about their choice of username — xXxDeathCrusher420xXx won’t be quite thus appealing in adult life as it was in your teenage years. And for PlayStation fans, that is been a big drawback when your PSN name has always been set in stone. Sony may have seen the light, though. […]

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Upcoming ‘Overwatch’ will have more changes in the competition season

While the overwatch is still in its 7th competitive season. The Blizzard already has tipped its hand about a few changes due in season 8. With these matches focused on making even pairings to rate skill. Next season the plan is to tighten the range allowed between the highest ranked player on a team and […]

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Instant Games

Facebook’s Instant Games now support live-streaming and video chats

Instant Games Last Year Facebook is launching Instant Games on messenger now celebrating the 1st year. By introducing new titles and some new features, starting with the ability to live-stream them to friends. If you wish to show your friends list how good you’re with Everwing or how much you suck at it. All you […]

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Alexa Echo Button

Amazon’s Echo Buttons are available to pre-order for holiday trivia games

The holidays are nearly here, and that means you will end up playing lots of party games with visiting friends and relatives. Amazon might spare you from having to break out yet another board game, though: it just put its Echo Button accessory up for pre-order. Pay 20 dollar and you will get the super-simple […]

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