512GB microSD

The first Largest Capacity 512GB microSD Card arrives in Feb


It did not take long for anyone to topple 2017’s microSD storage record. The UK’s Integral Memory has Released what it says it the 1st shipping 512GB microSD card. So long as your device can manage microSDXC (many Android mobile and tablets, as well as PCs like the Surface Pro). You too can have 1/2 terabytes of the space of one fingernail. The card’s 80MB/s peak transfer speed is not the fastest you will find. But it must be enough for apps and 4K video of recording gobs.

Even though the card arrives in February. It is not clear how much it will cost or how easily available it will be outside of the UK. However, do not expect it to be cheap — the 400GB card still carries a premium (around $250 on Amazon). And it’s almost sure that 512GB will cost higher. It’s more about bragging rights, both for Integral Memory and for well-heeled techies who need the kind of capacity usually reserved for laptops.

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