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Google’s Hangouts Meet App video call now support to tablets

Hangouts Meet app  officially supported tablets

The company has announced that its enterprise-focused Hangouts Meet app is now officially supported on Android tablets and iPads. The news comes almost a year after the internet giant revealed it’s splitting the Hangouts platform into 2 core services. Hangouts Chat is all about bringing instant messaging to teams, Hangouts Meet which is geared toward corporate videoconferencing.

In the middle months since launch, Google has iterated the Hangouts Meet product — it increased support from 30 to 50 participants, for instance, users will now be able to record meetings and save them directly to Google Drive. And a few months ago, Google introduced a $2,000 Hangouts Meet kit, that includes high-quality hardware for professional-grade video-conferencing.

the Tablet support was a demanded feature in the Hangouts Meet community, so the newest announcement must go down well.

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