WhatsApp Business App

WhatsApp Introducing new Business App for small businesses

WhatsApp has introduced a special business app designed for use by specifically small businesses to more easily connect with customers. WhatsApp Business adds key features such as details like business email address, business information, store addresses, and website dedicated business profiles; smart messaging tools like greetings, quick replies, and away messages; and metrics for how […]

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GoPro Fusion Camera

GoPro’s Fusion camera is now compatible with a few Android phones

GoPro’s ability to capture the experience with its 360-degree Fusion camera will rely on its marriage of hardware and software capabilities, and now the end is getting a boost. The update for the Android application of the company allows some phones (listed below) to connect to the camera and share 360-degree stills or video clips. […]

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RealSense depth cameras

Intel’s New RealSense Depth Cameras adding 3D vision to any machine

Intel has released 2 ready-to-use RealSense depth cameras, D415, and D435. Which can add 3D capabilities to any device or machine. In the both come in a USB-powered form factor and are capable of processing depth in real-time. Gratitude to the chipmaker’s new RealSense vision processor D4. The models work in any lighting environments indoors […]

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