Amoled screen

BEAM smart wearable AMOLED screen button can play GIFs from your jacket

BEAM smart wearable AMOLED screen button Every once in a while, you want to make sure that your opinion on a subject is perfectly clear. Pins have long been used for protests, elections, and other favored causes. The idea might not be for everyone, but I am sure we are all familiar with the concept, […]

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Ookla Speed Test

Speedtest shows global internet speeds increased more than 30 % in 2017

While Google and Netflix both own new speed tests on offer. Ookla’s Speedtest is still the grandaddy of them all. Last August. It started the Speedtest Global Index, a tool that surfaces internet speeds around the world. Helping you see how your country or region measures up. Speedtest is improving its approach with the introduction […]

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