Microsoft Cortana

Now Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana AI can connect to your Gmail

Microsoft Cortana AI Microsoft Cortana refuses to sit idly by all the skills of Amazon’s Alexa hogs. Even though the 2 digital helpers are best buds (by way of their future partnership), Cortana is feeling competitive. Windows 10 via, the Artificial intelligence can connect to your Gmail account now. Of course allowing it to access […]

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Airbnb is developing VR and AR features to previews of rental spots

Airbnb is developing AR and VR features to assist customers to find and navigate rental listings. The company published on its blog. 3D scans and 360-degree photos would allow users to get a better sense of a listing. And augmented reality overlays could facilitate guests better understand the homes on a smaller scale once they […]

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Quantum Development Kit

Microsoft’s Quantum Development Kit Free Preview Version Available now

The free preview version of Microsoft Quantum Development Kit was released today. Who want to start on a quantum computer train early can now start with the Microsoft Quantum Development Kit The kit. It was announced 1st in Sep at the Microsoft’s Ignite conference. Includes the programming language Q#, a quantum computing simulator simulate 30 logical qubits […]

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