Samsung DRAM

Samsung’s faster, smaller 2nd-generation 10nm DRAM for your next PC

Samsung has made the smallest 8-Gb DDR4 DRAM chip ever using its 2nd-generation 10-nm (nanometer) manufacturing tech. It said in a Press Release. The chips are 10 and 15 15 % more energy efficient and run 10 % faster than the last generation, launched just 20 months ago. The productivity of chips has risen by […]

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Audi add Amazon Music

Audi’s latest models built-in feature Amazon Music to the dashboard

If you are an Apple CarPlay or android auto user. You have no shortage of music streaming services baked into your dashboard. But, if you are relying on your vehicle’s default control panel the choices start to dwindle. While the car manufacturers such as Ford have started offering Apple and Google Infotainment Systems. (that play […]

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LG ThinQ

LG ThinQ brand, all new AI tech products and services use ‘ThinQ’

LG is making serious with artificial intelligence (AI). And will launch products and services that use Artificial Intelligent under a new sub-brand called “ThinQ” which will begins in next year (2018). All its future TVs (Televisions), fridges, even electronic devices and services under the new brand. Will have features developed with deep learning techniques and […]

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Nokia 9

The Nokia 9 FCC certification reports shows it has a 5.5″ OLD display

Nokia 9 A rumor specs for Nokia 9 are some FCC documents revealed today, Liliputing reports. The phone will be the latest on the revived Nokia brand lineup which includes a Nokia 6 mid-range and also the Nokia 8 flagship among others. Nokia 9 reportedly has an OLED display 5.5-inch made by LG, while the […]

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Google Android Apps

Android Improving app security and performance, it’ll must have 64-bit support by aug 2019

Android supports 64-bit apps after Lollipop arrives in 2015, but they are not necessary. But now, Google has stepped up the law … or rather, it will. As of August 2019, Android apps will have to support 64-bit code. They will not have to ditch 32-bit compatibility, but they can not cling exclusively to the […]

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Samsung QLED gaming monitor

New Samsung’s QLED Gaming Monitor is first to be VESA Display HDR certified

Finally last week VESA launched an HDR standard for computer displays to tell consumers whether an expensive monitor will show games and movies the way the creators intended. Samsung has announced that it is 49-inch QLED super ultra-wide monitor, the CHG90, is the 1st to receive the DisplayHDR 600 certification. that means HDR offers enough […]

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