Snapchat Lens Studio

Snapchat launches Lens Studio AR developer platform


SnapchatLens Studio

Snapchat’s augmented reality is as fun as world lenses. There’re only so many times you can see a headphone-toting hot dog before you crave something new. Would not it is nice if you can make it your own? Well, you can: Snapchat has unveiled a Lens Studio tool for everyone to create their AR effects in Mac or Windows. You do need some experience in 3D object creation. But you are otherwise off to the races — you’ll submit your masterpiece and provide others a Snapcode to unlock it. Those codes are only for 24 hours long, unfortunately. However, if you like, you can share the code again, and the recipients may share with others and spread the word.

Yes, Snap knows about the potential for abuse. There is an initial moderation process to ensure that a global lens is not offensive. If you are offending by some of the ways in which you are affected, the lenses can report to a moderate group.

This is not just to enable hobbyists, as you might have surmised. Its sees this as a business play — firms should have an even easier time whipping up AR ads. It is also an acknowledgment that Snapchat has had trouble growing as a closed platform. While it is not assured that opening World Lenses to everybody will put Instagram on notice. It could foster a community spirit that keeps Snapchat fans coming back.

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