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BEAM smart wearable AMOLED screen button can play GIFs from your jacket


BEAM smart wearable AMOLED screen button

Every once in a while, you want to make sure that your opinion on a subject is perfectly clear. Pins have long been used for protests, elections, and other favored causes. The idea might not be for everyone, but I am sure we are all familiar with the concept, at least. And the company now known as the BEAM Authentic has issued a self-titled product which allows a customized message or logo to an endless stream of cat GIFs from the battery-operated AMOLED screen at your chest.

Specs are inconsistently detailed. we know that it’s a 400×400 AMOLED screen, accelerator sensors and ambient light, magnetic attachment, a “function button,” alleged 24-hour battery life, and a “100 Beam” capacity (they are calling the static and animated images you upload to it Beams). But we do not know exactly how big the screen is or how bright it gets.

The BEAM might be a bit gimmicky sounding, but I will admit that I am interested. There are definitely circumstances like parties and public events where it could cover a range of utility. Even if, for you, It may be worth a $ 99 novelty, as there is nothing more than a costume part or conversation piece. And if you do have a reason to promote, it could at least be a novel way to market it.

The BEAM is for sale now at the company’s site for $99. And $3 from every purchase goes to 1 of 3 selected charities. You will also check out the BEAM Official app that the device synchronizing to over on Google Play. It looks like some of the pre-made pins supporting individual causes require one-time donations. So keep that in mind if you are big into specific charities.

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