Gravity signals could help rapidly detect earthquakes and save lives

According to a new study published in the journal Science, tracking minor changes in gravity when earthquake hits could buy us precious life-saving minutes. Revisiting data from the huge 2011 Japan earthquake, the researchers indicate that shifts in gravity could’ve told people the scale of the quake 3 minutes after it began. The findings come […]

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Pixelmator pro

Photoshop alternative : AI-powered Pixelmator Pro new version of image-editing software

Pixelmator pro – Pixel tweaking specialist Pixelmator launched a powerful new version of its image-editing software Purposely designed for Mac, Pixelmator pro has been designed to offer Adobe Photoshop-grade editing capabilities for a one-off price of $59.99. According to the Pixelmator, the pro is in the works for 5 years, with a new made-for-macOS interface […]

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