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Microsoft unveils plans to build a new modern headquarters

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Microsoft is planned redevelopment its 500-acre campus in Redmond, Seattle. The software giant will start a multi-year project next fall to make 18 new buildings, alongside new public spaces, transportation investments, and sports fields. Microsoft currently has 125 buildings on its campus, and once the project is complete this will rise to 131 buildings.

The updated campus will house 47,000 Microsoft staff that presently work on the company’s headquarters in Redmond, and allow for 8,000 more people. Microsoft is investing billions of dollars to redevelop its campus, and also the company can tear down 12 old buildings to create the bigger 18 replacements. the development will take between 5 and 7 years to finish, and includes a 2-acre open plaza that 2,000 people will fit inside.

Earlier this year Apple opened its new Apple Park campus after shortly Microsoft’s plans come. Microsoft’s plans aren’t as audacious as a spaceship campus, but the company did recently unveil tree houses for its employees to host meetings 12 feet higher than ground. Microsoft’s massive bet on Redmond also comes at a time when its Seattle cloud rival Amazon is looking elsewhere for its second headquarters. Amazon has fielded bizarre bets from cities desperate for the retail giant to build a campus outside of Seattle.

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