Pixelmator pro

Photoshop alternative : AI-powered Pixelmator Pro new version of image-editing software


Pixelmator pro – Pixel tweaking specialist Pixelmator launched a powerful new version of its image-editing software

Purposely designed for Mac, Pixelmator pro has been designed to offer Adobe Photoshop-grade editing capabilities for a one-off price of $59.99.

According to the Pixelmator, the pro is in the works for 5 years, with a new made-for-macOS interface combines with an impressive selection of editing tools and features, including: non-destructible edits, good choice, retouching and painting tools, multiple image editing with the same adjustments and effects, automatic horizon detection, RAW image support with multiple layers, iCloud support, tabs, shareable extensions, full screen and split view modes, as well as many more.

The app also uses AI — or machine learning — to remove objects, create quick selections, straighten photos and name layers.

Pixelmator pro is one of the cleanest, most modern interfaces we have seen on macOS, too. look at the image gallery below for a taste.

From our point of view here at T3 Towers this new edition of Pixelmator’s software – the first edition was launched 10 10 years ago – could not have come at a better time, because the paucity of available image editing software between the free and naff, and re-mortgagingly expensive and super-pro is palpable.

Here tho’ you’ve got a near Photoshop-level image editor that supplies all the tools and features a standard, the non-professional user might ever like. And it does so at a, right now, quite ridiculous price point of $59.99 (that’s £44.58 for Brits). in comparison, the only app cost of Adobe Photoshop on its rent-only creative Cloud platform is £238.42 a year.

This means that Pixelmator pro is 5 times cheaper than a yearly subscription to Photoshop and, with Pro, it’s not suddenly going to stop working after 12 months.

We think it is a steal, so if you have been looking for an affordable image editing program then you go check Pixelmator pro out currently on the Mac App Store.

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