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Apple releases iOS 11.1.1 to fix annoying autocorrect bug


Apple released iOS 11 in Sep with its mobile software a facelift, but bugs led the company to release an 11.1 update a month later to protect user security from that WPA2 Krack vulnerability. turns out that version introduced another set of squirrely problems, that has led Apple to release iOS 11.1.1 today. you can finally say goodbye to that stupid autocorrect bug shift out the letter ‘i’ for all manner of gibberish.

The update also addresses a problem where the ‘Hey Siri’ feature occasionally stops working. And…that’s it. Even the protection content is that the same because the 11.1.1 release, meaning Apple pushed this update out just to fix these 2 problems. consider your outrage heard, given that Apple could have waited to fix until the forthcoming 11.2 update; Reportedly, some GPS problems with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X are fixed in the 11.2 beta.



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