YouTube Music

YouTube Music, a new music streaming service, is coming soon

YouTube execs have finally announced the long-awaited revamp for YouTube Music that they say will eventually replace Google Play Music. In interviews with Recode, CNET and USA Today, they revealed the new YouTube Music will soft-launch next Tuesday with a $10 subscription packages (you can sign up now for updates right here). Similar to its […]

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Blade Runner

Denis Villeneuve’s ‘Blade Runner 2049’ VFX reel released

The Blade Runner 2049 does not have the question of revolves around computer-generated effects. Whether it is a retro-futuristic tech or its holographic AI personas. However, the CG is more pervasive than you might think. Denis Villeneuve’s bleak sci-fi movie visual effects reel were released Rodeo FX. And it is obvious that even the apparently […]

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youtube ios app

The iOS YouTube app now properly displays square and vertical videos on iOS devices

It seems like it should have been here years ago. But finally, YouTube has updated its iOS app so that everybody can see vertical videos as they were meant to be seen: in full screen. Rather than turned sideways with black bars on the sides. It announced plans to introduce this feature back in Aug, […]

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Microsoft Plan

Microsoft unveils plans to build a new modern headquarters

Microsoft is planned redevelopment its 500-acre campus in Redmond, Seattle. The software giant will start a multi-year project next fall to make 18 new buildings, alongside new public spaces, transportation investments, and sports fields. Microsoft currently has 125 buildings on its campus, and once the project is complete this will rise to 131 buildings. The […]

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Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop AI-powered new feature select people automatically in single click

Masking a human or another subject out of a scene could be a pretty common trick these days, but it’s is still arguably one of the toughest and lowest-tech parts of Photoshop. Adobe’s about to create that lots easier, due to an upcoming AI-powered feature called select Subject. using it’s pretty much idiot-proof: From the […]

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suggested video

Youtube going to stop showing the suggested video links you didn’t click

Have you ever clicked a YouTube creator’s suggested video link once it pops up mid-clip? No? you are far from alone. YouTube has revealed that it’s removing the power to promote videos, playlists or live streams through in-video notifications as of Dec 14th. The streaming service is not shy about the reason why: few people […]

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Essential 360 Camera

Essential phone 360 Camera accessory port Now streaming 360-degree video to facebook

The Essential Phone is currently capable of streaming 360-degree video to Facebook live. the company has sent out a camera software update for the phone that allows it to stream live 360-degree video to the world’s largest social network from the native camera app. However, in order to do this, Essential Phone owners need to […]

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The Gymkhana Files

Amazon’s next show follows Ken Block’s ‘The Gymkhana Files’ Unscripted Motorsport Series

Amazon has given the green light to The gymkhana Files, an 8-episode unscripted series featuring motorsports star and entrepreneur Ken Block, produced by Hoonigan Media Machine. The series looks at the making of gymkhana 10, the recently-announced tenth installment of his award-winning, record-breaking gymkhana Film series.   The gymkhana Files are an exclusive look behind […]

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