GoPro Fusion Camera

GoPro’s Fusion camera is now compatible with a few Android phones

GoPro’s ability to capture the experience with its 360-degree Fusion camera will rely on its marriage of hardware and software capabilities, and now the end is getting a boost. The update for the Android application of the company allows some phones (listed below) to connect to the camera and share 360-degree stills or video clips. […]

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Selfly drone

Make your phone case as a selfie drone, Selfly drone that lives your phone case

Just Imagine that you and a group of friends are at the top of a hill after a long hike. It is sunset and the sky is alight; You want to take a photograph. You pull out your smartphone, but instead of flipping it around to take a long-armed selfie, you unclip a small drone […]

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Smart light HomeKit

GE smart light bulbs includes Amazon Alexa and HomeKit support in early 2018

Building a smart home is a difficult affair, with a ton of options available to add voice-control and automation to your lights, window coverings, thermostats and more. GE wants to simplify your options (with its own branded products, of course). And it is bringing some new smart ceiling fixtures, wall switches, and lights to market […]

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Wireless Android Auto

Kenwood will be one of the 1st to give wireless Android Auto, Coming To CES 2018

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a huge expansion of car experiences powered by our smartphones. In another word, more car makers and 3rd-party head unit makers are adopting Google android auto and Apple CarPlay. In the past, we have heard about the Wireless Android auto itself. But now it has finally arrived at […]

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iPhone battery

iFixit reduce the cost on its iPhone battery replacement kits

Apple may have apologized for the confusion surrounding its intentional slow down of older iPhones to balance battery life and performance. But this does not change the fact that it is happening. If your iPhone warranty period is completed and you do not want to have Apple replace it. Then maybe iFixit can help. Starting […]

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iPhone X invisible face

The Japanese app developer uses the iPhone X to invisible his face

The Face-Tracking capabilities of the iPhone X are pretty good, and it is useful. Now there is coming something really terrible. Kazuya Noshiro a Japanese app developer has tweeted a preview of an app. He is working on that camouflages users face with the background (1st spotted by design Taxi). The short, 10 sec video […]

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adidas wearable

Adidas closes its wearable fitness devices division

Adidas cut its fitness watches development division Adidas is getting out officially in the wearable fitness industry, at least when it comes to making its own devices. According to a report from the Portland Business Journal that the company has its hardware division closed. Adidas will be changing efforts instead to focus on software. Especially, […]

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Pixelmator pro

Photoshop alternative : AI-powered Pixelmator Pro new version of image-editing software

Pixelmator pro – Pixel tweaking specialist Pixelmator launched a powerful new version of its image-editing software Purposely designed for Mac, Pixelmator pro has been designed to offer Adobe Photoshop-grade editing capabilities for a one-off price of $59.99. According to the Pixelmator, the pro is in the works for 5 years, with a new made-for-macOS interface […]

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