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iPhone Upgrade Program offers Get a head start on your upgrade to iPhone X


While initial pre-orders for the iPhone X are still a week away from opening, some Apple die-hards are able to start early. Apple’s installment-based Upgrade Program that lets customers get a new phone every year will, just like it did with the launch of the iPhone 8 / 8 plus, allow members to get their loan paperwork in order beginning on Monday. Combined with the recently added mail-in return option for their old iPhones, it should create staying up to date easier than ever, even if it does not guarantee that they will be able to purchase the new OLED-screened device right away. For that, they will have to stay up until 3 AM ET Friday morning just like everybody else.


Upgrade to your favorite iPhone. Year after year.

As a member of the iPhone Upgrade Program, you can get a new iPhone once you’ve made the equivalent of at least 12 payments.1 And you’ll get the coverage of AppleCare+.


Check upgrade eligibility


Get a head start on your upgrade to iPhone X on 10.23.

Use the Apple Store app on your iPhone to get ready for pre-order so you can speed through checkout on 10.27.


Here’s how to upgrade:


  • Start by checking your upgrade eligibility.

    Once you’ve confirmed that you’re eligible, just choose the iPhone you’d like to upgrade to. Or stop by an Apple Store, and a Specialist will help you choose your new iPhone.2


  • Provide your carrier account details

    If you currently have a wireless account, you’ll need your password and any other relevant account information.


  • Back up the data on your current iPhone

    Since you’ll need to return your current iPhone to Apple, remember to back up your data to your computer or iCloud.


  • Have your personal information and credit card on hand

    You’ll be asked to provide your Social Security number and date of birth for a credit check. You’ll also need a valid U.S. credit card. Debit cards and prepaid cards are not accepted. If you’re signing up at an Apple Store, you’ll also need valid primary and secondary forms of ID, and the first and last names on both must match. View acceptable forms of ID


  • Get your new iPhone. And return your current iPhone to Apple

    If you’re upgrading online or with the Apple Store app, you can have your new iPhone delivered right to your door for free. Once it ships, we’ll send you a Trade-in Kit so you can send your current iPhone back to Apple. You’ll also have the option to pick up your new iPhone in a store — often the same day. When you come to the store, remember to bring your current iPhone with you to trade in.


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