iPhone battery

iFixit reduce the cost on its iPhone battery replacement kits

Apple may have apologized for the confusion surrounding its intentional slow down of older iPhones to balance battery life and performance. But this does not change the fact that it is happening. If your iPhone warranty period is completed and you do not want to have Apple replace it. Then maybe iFixit can help. Starting […]

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Face ID

Hawaii shows its version of Face ID and says it can do better than Apple Face ID

Apple has introduced the iPhone X and its Face ID sensor a new way to the most secure login of the user with mobile devices. Nice side effect: the 3D sensor also allows animated emojis, that are called at Apple Animoji. Of course, the Kinect-like sensor of the Apple flagship also ensures that the competition […]

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iPhones next year

Apple to Launch 2 new Full-Screen LCD Model iPhone Next Year

Now that the iPhone X has been out for a week, it’s time to get started on rumors for next year’s iPhones. KGI securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, whose iPhone predictions are fairly reliable over the last several years, says that he expects to ascertain 2 new full-screen iPhones next year: one can have a 6.5-inch […]

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autocorrect bug

Apple releases iOS 11.1.1 to fix annoying autocorrect bug

Apple released iOS 11 in Sep with its mobile software a facelift, but bugs led the company to release an 11.1 update a month later to protect user security from that WPA2 Krack vulnerability. turns out that version introduced another set of squirrely problems, that has led Apple to release iOS 11.1.1 today. you can […]

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Instagram new Stories

Instagram new Stories feature now share all of the flashbacks

While Snapchat struggles to nab more users, Instagram is steaming ahead of the only method it knows how: By copying Snapchat. The Facebook-owned service is adding a feature to its (vastly more popular) take on Stories that is all regarding throwbacks. The update basically allows you to add pics and videos to your Story that […]

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iPhone Face ID fail

This video shows Face ID fail to properly unlock his brother’s Apple

Apple touts that Face ID is even safer than touch ID was, with there being a one in 1,000,000 chance of a different person having the ability to unlock somebody else’s iPhone X with Face ID. a new video posted to Reddit, however, shows Face ID failing to properly differentiate between siblings…   IPhoneX Face […]

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Guided Tour

Apple released “A Guided Tour” for the iPhone X for teach people

Remember those introduction videos that Apple created to assist people familiarize themselves with the initial iPhone? In 2007, the company’s goal was to get users comfy with interacting with an enormous (at the time) touchscreen and showing them slide to unlock. It’s been a long time since Apple has had a need to show customers […]

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iPhone Upgrade

iPhone Upgrade Program offers Get a head start on your upgrade to iPhone X

While initial pre-orders for the iPhone X are still a week away from opening, some Apple die-hards are able to start early. Apple’s installment-based Upgrade Program that lets customers get a new phone every year will, just like it did with the launch of the iPhone 8 / 8 plus, allow members to get their […]

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YouTube background

Play YouTube in the background on Android and iOS

YouTube is that the internet’s replacement for the TV, so it’s only natural that we’d use it as our background noise provider, but Google doesn’t make that easy on mobile devices. Unless you’ve got a YouTube Red subscription, YouTube only plays as a foreground app, that means you can’t use your phone and hear music […]

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