Chrome beta

Google Chrome beta adds powerful pop-up blocker, mute tool for autoplay videos

Chrome version 64 beta With version 63 Chrome rolling out on Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android, and now on Chrome beta 64 channel. End users will especially advantage from a powerful pop-up blocker, sitewide audio muting, and an assortment of additional features, including those on Chrome OS. Google Chrome 64’s improved pop-up blocker prevents sites with […]

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Mixer app

A new vision of Microsoft’s Mixer app relaunches with more features

Microsoft’s Mixer app Microsoft’s revamped Mixer Application is coming out of beta. Back in Oct, The company has announced that it will work on redesigning the live streaming Mixer app. To make it easier to find new and relevant gaming broadcasts. Features included a reworked Trending part, a featured streams carousel, and higher filters, among […]

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Chrome 63

Chrome 63 rollout brings with it site isolation, added security

Today, rolling out Google Chrome 63 includes many security enhancements for enterprise users. Site Isolation allows pages to be rendered in a separate process, while TLS 1.3 is currently enabled on Gmail. Google has also announced the future security features for the year ahead. Site Isolation Furthering the existing sandbox technology, site Isolation has Chrome […]

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Windows 10

Latest Microsoft’s Windows 10 experiment: Running every Windows 10 app in tabs

One of the foremost popular feature requests for Windows 10 is tabs in File Explorer (over 20,000 votes). Microsoft has resisted adding tabs to File Explorer and apps in general for years, after originally introducing tabs in internet explorer 6 with a toolbar extension back in 2005. That resistance is about to modification, in a […]

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twitter search

Twitter is testing a save for later, bookmarks feature

Twitter is testing a new feature called Bookmarks, that allows users to privately save tweets for later. staff product designer Tina Koyama tweeted a sneak peek into what the feature sounds like, with a bookmarks choice listed on the users’ navigation menu. “We went through all the designed flows and picked the ones that are […]

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Live Video

Instagram new feature you can Request to Join a Friend’s Live Video

Just a few weeks ago, Instagram photo-sharing network created it easy to invite a friend to view your live broadcasts. sadly, the invitation was just one way. Instagram has fixed that, however, with a new option: you’ll currently request to join your friend’s live video. While you are looking at your buddy’s live video, you’ll […]

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Google Gboard App

Google’s Gboard app gets its own sticker packs and more languages

After catching up on iOS, Google’s keyboard app for Android is currently racing ahead, courtesy of an update that packs 40 extra languages (including Japanese), and inbuilt sticker packs. although Google already includes a keyboard for non-Latin script languages, it isn’t forcing you to adopt Gboard, as noted by 9to5Google. Instead, you will need to […]

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Chrome OS

Chrome OS will soon support in-line reply to messages from notifications

Google is constantly working to improve Chrome OS for the better and in a lot of cases that comes down to the small things. Recently, a lot of changes are related to Android apps, and now, Google is creating a change to notifications on ChromeOS to better suit those apps. Chrome Story has started implementing […]

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upcoming update

Pixel 2 phone upcoming update will be fixed the buzzing noise

Not all of Google’s Pixel-oriented updates are as fun because of the recent introduction of Lens to its flagship phones. Mainly, the large G has been scrambling to fix display and audio problems plaguing its big guns. the same goes for its upcoming update that tries to destroy the buzzing noise from some pixel 2 […]

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trust indicators

Facebook testing trust indicators to news articles

Since the outbreak of its fake news crisis last year, Facebook has proclaimed several initiatives designed to promote authentic, fact-based journalism. Today, the corporate is rolling out its latest: what Facebook calls a “trust indicators,” an icon that you just will tap to find out more regarding the publisher of articles shared on Facebook. You […]

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