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Essential phone 360 Camera accessory port Now streaming 360-degree video to facebook


The Essential Phone is currently capable of streaming 360-degree video to Facebook live. the company has sent out a camera software update for the phone that allows it to stream live 360-degree video to the world’s largest social network from the native camera app. However, in order to do this, Essential Phone owners need to have the Essential 360 Camera module as well. This won’t be possible without it.

If you didn’t purchase the Essential Phone initially because you thought that it had been too costly, maybe you might need to think about it currently after the company has slashed the price double in about a month.

This functionality has been enabled with the camera software update that Essential Phone has rolled out. It needs no extra software or configuration. To stream 360-degree video live available as shortly to Facebook because the Essential 360 Camera is attached to the phone magnetic accessory port at the rear.

Attaching the camera brings up the camera app. Users can find the 360-degree Live choice within the 360 modes. they need to tap on the red “Live” button to 1st log into the Facebook account and grant permissions for posting to their account. after the initial configuration process, users have authenticated automatically for future streams.

Once that’s done, users will select the reach of their broadcasts. the options include only me, Friends, Friends of Friend, and Public. It’s also possible to assign a custom description to the live stream.


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