FB Suicide

Facebook AI suicide prevention tools starts global rollout

Facebook expands its limited tests to people with suicide and self-harm reporting tools to the masses. to get better at detection the social network will begin implementing pattern recognition for posts and Live videos to detect once somebody could be presenting suicidal thoughts. From there, product management VP Guy Rosen writes that the social network […]

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streak feature

Facebook Messenger is testing out Snapchat’s streak feature

Facebook likes to steal Snapchat features to block the popular messaging app’s momentum. ephemeral stories and messaging have arrived in Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp previously, and the company has even upraised Snapchat’s popular face filters and camera features. FB is now set its sights on the streak feature of Snapchat, an addictive game that encourages […]

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Russian propaganda

Facebook will alert you if you fell for Russian propaganda

Facebook plans to offer a portal anywhere users will notice if they involved with pages linked to Russian propaganda efforts. The portal, that Facebook says will be released by the end of the year, can show users whether they liked or followed specific Facebook or Instagram accounts backed by the Kremlin-linked internet research Agency. it’ll […]

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4K photos

Facebook Messenger update now lets share 4K photos

Facebook messenger has recently gained some pretty nifty extensions, just like the ability to share Spotify tunes and Apple Music, send money to friends and new video chat filters. currently, the company is improving another visual feature: 4K photos. currently, you’ll send and receive 4K resolution photos via the messaging service at the same speed […]

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PayPal new feature send invoices over Facebook Messenger

PayPal has spent the last few months adding more integrations to make sending money easier. Sure, some are gimmicky (like ‘friendship gift cards’), but a brand new feature to keep track of group purchases is nifty. The platform also started allowing people to send money over Facebook messenger — and now you’ll send invoices on […]

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Facebook Creator

Facebook has released a Facebook Creator App for video creators

In its latest attempt to woo video creators away from YouTube, Facebook has released an app only for them. It’s referred to as Facebook Creator, and it includes a bunch of tools for streaming video, updating Stories, and message people across several of Facebook’s platforms. Facebook has long had an app for people that manage […]

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trust indicators

Facebook testing trust indicators to news articles

Since the outbreak of its fake news crisis last year, Facebook has proclaimed several initiatives designed to promote authentic, fact-based journalism. Today, the corporate is rolling out its latest: what Facebook calls a “trust indicators,” an icon that you just will tap to find out more regarding the publisher of articles shared on Facebook. You […]

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Facebook relaunches Events app called as Local

Last year, Facebook introduced Events — a standalone app that combined a dedicated calendar with happenings around the city. The app wasn’t a hit — it dropped out of the most-downloaded iOS apps a few days after launching, according to knowledge from marketing research firm App Annie, and ne’er came back. Today Facebook is attempting […]

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Facebook explains the new revenge porn prevention program

When Facebook revealed its experimental porn prevention program in Australia, it raised lots of eyebrows. After all, you will 1st need to upload your sensitive pictures if you do not need them to get posted by anybody else. Now, global Head of Safety Antigone Davis has defended the test feature during a post that also […]

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small businesses

Facebook new community program to boost small businesses’ digital skills

Facebook has been silently supporting small businesses around the world to the tune of $1 billion. the corporate says that it’s trained over 60,000 small businesses with Boost Your Business, which over a million small businesses have used its free online learning hub Blueprint. small businesses use Facebook Pages too, more than 70 million, according […]

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