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Facebook new community program to boost small businesses’ digital skills


Facebook has been silently supporting small businesses around the world to the tune of $1 billion. the corporate says that it’s trained over 60,000 small businesses with Boost Your Business, which over a million small businesses have used its free online learning hub Blueprint. small businesses use Facebook Pages too, more than 70 million, according to the company. currently, Facebook is launching Community Boost, a new program to assist small businesses in us become more digitally savvy.

The concept of the new feature is to help all small businesses’ use of digital & internet tech, that new research (performed in collaboration with Facebook) has shown translates to new jobs and opportunities. according to Facebook, Community Boost representatives can visit thirty different cities in 2018, including Houston, St. Louis, Albuquerque, Des Moines and Greenville, South Carolina. the visiting teams working with local organizations and can provide to digital skills training for job seekers, advise entrepreneurs on starting new businesses and facilitate nonprofits and regional businesses “get the foremost out of the internet,” according to a blog post.

While much of the training can seemingly be focused on using Facebook to reach little business goals, the corporate will promise to assist folks getting online for the first time or needing to support their community with training on basic digital literacy and online safety. the corporate also will train community members how to organize using Events and groups.


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