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Facebook Messenger is testing out Snapchat’s streak feature


Facebook likes to steal Snapchat features to block the popular messaging app’s momentum. ephemeral stories and messaging have arrived in Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp previously, and the company has even upraised Snapchat’s popular face filters and camera features. FB is now set its sights on the streak feature of Snapchat, an addictive game that encourages friends to send messages back and forth for continuous days.

Like Snapchat streaks, Facebook messenger streaks include an emoji status for anyone you’re presently in a streak with. Facebook seems to be testing this on limited accounts at the moment. Twitter user Case Sandberg has found the streak feature, and other FB messenger users have also seen it in the trial. It’s not clear if this is a limited test that won’t reach all Facebook accounts or the start of the gamification of a Facebook messenger. some of Facebook’s Snapchat clones don’t always work out.

Streaks have become a popular a part of Snapchat, thanks primarily to its young audience. Snapchat uses the feature to encourage its users to send more snaps and even warns friends when a Snapstreak is about to expire. If Facebook is preparing to clone this, then don’t be surprised to see it show up on Instagram and WhatsApp. If Facebook is desperate enough to steal options from Snapchat, then it’s definitely desperate enough to spread this feature all over to keep you engaged with its various services.

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