Facebook India

Facebook is testing Voice Posts, Stories archive, and new cloud storage features

Facebook, the app you used to use before Instagram, is making three updates that it says will help users better “create and save memories.” The changes will let you save your photos and videos directly to your account in the Facebook cloud, share voice messages with friends, and archive your favorite Facebook Stories. The new […]

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Youth Portal

Facebook launches Youth Portal is designed to educate teens, how their data is being used

There’s probably an important gap in attention being paid at internet companies to young kids that are good targets for parental controls and older ones who are having to learn to use the internet in a responsible way on their own. Today, Facebook is releasing a new Youth Portal that offers some guidance to teens […]

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Facebook Live videos

Facebook adds new features, “Watch Party” live videos to group of people

Facebook says its Live videos are wildly successful and generate around 6 times the interaction other videos do. That’s why it has tested a new feature that adds the elements that are responsible for making Live a more engaging, interactive experience for Live videos on the platform. From today, selective Groups will have access to […]

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BlackBerry OS

WhatsApp should drop support for BlackBerry OS and Windows Phone

WhatsApp describes plans for older mobile operating systems, as the year draws to a close. Especially, the app will end support for BlackBerry OS (including BlackBerry 10) and Windows Phone 8.0 and older on Dec 31st. Although the Facebook-owned WhatsApp will continue to work on these platforms. Users will no longer be able to create […]

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security emails

Facebook lists all the security emails to protect you from phishing schemes

Your Facebook account does not have your credit card or bank details. But it could have everything a crook needs to get them. To protect you from phishing systems designed to steal Facebook log-ins. The platform is arming you with info that you can be easily accessed on the settings page. The social network lists […]

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Engagement Bait

Facebook Fighting “Engagement Bait” will begin demoting news feeds

Fighting Engagement Bait on Facebook This week beginning, Facebook will start demoting spammy or engagement bait posts. That goad users into taking actions like sharing, tagging, or commenting. Posts that prompt users to “Tag a friend who likes to nap!” They seem to be popular because of the game’s Facebook algorithms. This causes Facebook to […]

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WhatsApp user data

CNIL has ordered WhatsApp to stop sharing user data with parent company Facebook

WhatsApp ordered to stop sharing user data CNIL France’s ultra-strict privacy watchdog has ordered WhatsApp to stop sharing user data with the Facebook (WhatsApp parent company). According to a public announcement published on the French website, the app has a month to comply with the order. Last year’s WhatsApp added to it its terms of […]

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BlackBerry Messenger

People can quickly request an Uber ride using BlackBerry Messenger

Because BBM still exists Uber is currently available on BBM (BlackBerry Messenger). Because apparently, there’re still more people in the world who use the service. Functionality means that users live from a BBM directly to an Uber car without leaving the app“. With this partnership, BBM users will immediately request an Uber ride via BlackBerry […]

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Facebook Snooze button

Facebook adds a new snooze button can mute friends for 30 days

Facebook snooze button Facebook is a sad truth: many of us follow people that annoy us pretty frequently. Rather than going through the social pain of un-friending someone. However, Facebook has given the option to stay friends with someone but mute all of their posts in your News Feed. Now Facebook is rolling out a […]

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Instant Games

Facebook’s Instant Games now support live-streaming and video chats

Instant Games Last Year Facebook is launching Instant Games on messenger now celebrating the 1st year. By introducing new titles and some new features, starting with the ability to live-stream them to friends. If you wish to show your friends list how good you’re with Everwing or how much you suck at it. All you […]

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