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Google’s Duo Call and Allo chats improved, You to contact who don’t have the App


The “Duo” is Google’s video calling app, and it seems like the technology giant wants to spread the word about it. As for Android Police, Google Duo users can now call people who do not own the app installed and who have not registered with the service. It works like any other Google Duo communication, except that at the end of any call. Receivers who do not own the app installed will then be prompted to install Duo. People also have the option to reject future Duo calls from that person. We have talked Google for confirmation.

This is a good step for accessibility. And must need to encourage those who do own the app installed to use it more extensively. In addition, it’ll help expand the user base. Android Police Cody Toombs at notes, However, that he was unable to reach all of his contacts through Dio. It will not be available on all Android phones (sorry iPhone users, you must first install Duo). But Toombs reports there’re likely more criteria that play into who you can contact. However, it is not clear what they are.

Thanks to all of this App preview Messaging feature, which allows Android users to use supported messaging apps to contact with people who do not have the app installed. Google’s smart messaging app Allo has supported App Preview Messaging since its launch, but the design for recipients without the application installed was a little clunky. Android Police reports that it has been refined. If the person is installed Allo is giving it a great preview of what it will look like.


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