eye tracking

Tobii partnership with Qualcomm to bring eye-tracking tech to its mobile VR + ARkit

Eye tracking enables new possibilities in virtual reality – from improved HMD performance through Foveated Rendering to a range of powerfully immersive user experiences. Tobii’s eye tracking platform can be adapted and optimized for you VR headset. We see two ways that eye tracking improves AR and VR technology. First, integrating eye tracking into an […]

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ThirdEye AR glasses

The ThirdEye X1 AR glasses come with large swappable batteries

I know what you think, and yes — these are some dorky-looking AR glasses. What they lack in design, however, they arguably make up for in battery life. The ThirdEye X1 packs 2 hot-swappable batteries with a combined 2400 mAh charge — its competitors are not explicitly in any case. The means that glasses, which […]

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Vuzix AR smartglasses

Vuzix is introducing Amazon Alexa-Enabled First AR Digital Glasses in CES

Vuzix has been producing smartglasses for years, but an upcoming model will be more special. According to Bloomberg, the New York-based company is introducing the 1st Alexa-enabled AR (augmented reality) glasses at CES 2018. You will clearly be able to ask Alexa queries the way you normally do. And also the glasses will show the […]

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Airbnb is developing VR and AR features to previews of rental spots

Airbnb is developing AR and VR features to assist customers to find and navigate rental listings. The company published on its blog. 3D scans and 360-degree photos would allow users to get a better sense of a listing. And augmented reality overlays could facilitate guests better understand the homes on a smaller scale once they […]

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AR App

Amazon’s latest toolkit helps you build AR, VR and 3D apps quickly

Amazon probably is not the 1st company you think that of once it comes to augmented or virtual reality (with some exceptions), but it’s determined to change your mind. the internet giant has unveiled a developer service, Sumerian, that promises to simplify making AR and VR apps — and general 3D apps, for that matter. […]

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ARKit shopping

Amazon’s update new ARKit shopping feature to its iOS app

Amazon has added an AR part to its app, using Apple’s ARKit to let customers place various things in their house virtually before shopping for them. called AR view, customers will choose thousands of things like home decor, electronics, home office product, toys, and games, and place them in their home. using the tool, customers […]

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