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Tweeting Made Easier with a Twitter’s 280-character limit


Twitter’s experiment with doubling the maximum tweet length was apparently successful. The social network is increasing support for 280-character tweets to each language “where cramming was an issue” — that’s, the majority of them. you are still used at 140 if you write in Korean, Chinese or Japanese (Japanese, Korean, and Chinese will continue to have 140 characters because cramming is not an issue in these languages Twitter says), but most users currently have a far better chance of expressing themselves without resorting to tweetstorms or shortening wrds 2 mk thm fit. And before you ask: no, Twitter does not believe most of the people can abuse this newfound freedom.

Twitter limitThe company has followed up a previous study with data showing that few of those with early 280-character access misused it. just 5 % of tweets were longer than 140 characters, and only 1 % ran up against the new limit. 9% of Tweets in English hit the character limit. Twitter expects an initial wave of people pushing the limit out of sheer curiosity (just as they did during the test run) but does not expect it to last. In other words, Twitter believes you will only use over 140 characters once you really need it, and that should not happen usually.

Whether or not that is how it works in practice is still up in the air. the only little range of people have had the choice of lengthier tweets, and it’s entirely possible that a much broader rollout will produce results Twitter could not have anticipated. It’s safe to say that folks are not relishing the prospect of wordier hate speech and spam. Still, you could argue that the larger limit was overdue. Twitter selected 140 characters due to its initial dependence on SMS to send tweets, that appears quaint in an era once smartphones are commonplace and tweets will include live 360-degree video.


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