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Pixel 2 phone upcoming update will be fixed the buzzing noise


Not all of Google’s Pixel-oriented updates are as fun because of the recent introduction of Lens to its flagship phones. Mainly, the large G has been scrambling to fix display and audio problems plaguing its big guns. the same goes for its upcoming update that tries to destroy the buzzing noise from some pixel 2 phones. If you detected the strange sound on your high-priced new handset, help will arrive in the coming weeks, according to Google community manager Orrin Hancock.

reads the note on the pixel community forum, which is as straightforward a response as you are likely to get.

Add that to the list of issues the corporate has been forced to dispel, as well as the clicking noise on both the pixel and pixel XL, the screen burn-in issue on the pixel XL, and therefore the larger handset’s unresponsive edges, and a few phones getting shipped without android. This audio hiccup (which users have been sounding off on for many days) serves as yet another reminder of the Pixel’s troubled rollout. But, at least Google is quick to release over-the-air updates.

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