Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will arrive on smartphones on Nov 22


Soon, Aussies will not be the only ones building summer camps in Nintendo’s latest mobile game. The gaming giant announced that Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp can arrive on iOS and Android devices worldwide on Nov 22nd. The title refers to Nintendo’s 3rd foray into smartphone gaming, following fire Emblem Heroes and Super Mario Run.

As usual, it is a free-to-play installment from an existing series, but now round we’re getting many of the hallmarks from the Animal Crossing franchise. the main difference is you are making a camp filled with cute animal inhabitants instead of a town. And, Nintendo is hoping to pocket from your dedication with the addition of Leaf Tickets, that allow you to purchase in-game items and speed up construction by grinding or ponying up real money. The lucky campers in Australia have been able to play the title since late last month, so everybody else has some catching up to do.

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