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Google Lens in Assistant begins rolling out to Pixel and Pixel 2


In Oct, many Google users noted that Google Lens have coming to Assistant “in the next few weeks.” On Fri evening, the 1st users have spotted the visual search feature up and running on their pixel and pixel 2 phones.

Back at the Oct fourth event, Google announced that Lens was launching as a preview to pixel devices later this year. It 1st debuted in Google Photos on the pixel 2 before increasing to the original pixel and pixel XL late last month.

In Photos, Lens is triggered when viewing an image or screenshot. However, in Assistant, it’s integrated right into the sheet that pops up once holding down on the home button. The interface that’s now rolling out doesn’t look all too different from the version we were able to activate in Sep.

A camera viewfinder opens up by pressing this new button in the bottom right corner. tapping anywhere freezes the view and begins a search with possible results and actions showing as a carousel of chips or cards that identify the item, with the usual links to do an internet search, open other apps, and more.

There is also a rectangular overlay on the item in question with a closed bottom in the top right corner. The suggestion chips also feature the ability to share and rate the result with a thumbs up/down.

Users will quickly start a voice search on the mic while a new visual lookup is triggered by re-tapping the Lens icon in the bottom right.

We have yet to spot Google Lens in Assistant on our own devices, but the full rollout to pixel owners can likely happen in the coming weeks.

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