Toyota will test autonomous cars

Toyota will test autonomous cars at tough California proving ground


Toyota’s research Institute can test its autonomous vehicle tech at GoMentum Station, a 5,000 acre proving ground for self-driving vehicle tech located in Walnut Creek, California. The proving ground will allow TRI to test out both its ‘Guardian’ and its ‘Chauffeur’ autonomous driving systems, that aim at automated safety protocols to help human drivers, and full autonomy respectively.


TRI has just unveiled its platform 2.1 test vehicle, which includes new sensor hardware and compute, as well as updated version of its test systems. It’s also the 1st test car platform created by TRI that enables for testing of both Chauffeur and Guardian within the same vehicle – previously they needed separate cars specifically tuned for every to test.


GoMentum station is one of ten officially designated pilot proving grounds known by the U.S. Department of Transportation earlier this year, as a way to assist set the direction of policy making and testing procedures going forward. The GoMentum facility features simulated real-world driving conditions, together with infrastructure like bridges and parking lots. It’ll help TRI to replicate some of the toughest conditions encountered by drivers and cars without having to wait for them to happen in real life.


This is just one new site in a number where Toyota research Institute tests its vehicles, but it’s an important addition its ability to trial and prove out its autonomous vehicle systems.


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